Frighteningly Great Plans

Happy October!

For those of you who haven’t looked at the roadmap recently, here’s what to expect in the next two months.


Since we know a lot of you love foruming, there’s going to be lots of forum improvements. You can expect thread bookmarking and following, as well as quoted replies.

There will also be lots of work done with badges. More will be added for on-site activities, as well as custom group badges. Achievements will be added in already existing and future games.

The first 3D hangout space will be added, too!


Groups will be expanded upon even further with updates such as leaderboards.

Speaking of leaderboards, there will also be a brand new leveling system! You’ll be able to prestige for prizes like a max level badge to display on your profile.

Friendship is everything, which is why we’re going to have a feature that suggests friends for you. Joining them in-game will be an available option, and you’ll be able to gain followers.

Featured User

The featured user of the week is Jack. He’s been active on the website and really helpful to other users on the forums. Be sure to congratulate him!


Halloween is one of the best holidays, and we’re having an awesome event to honor that. Find the ghost while using the website to receive an amazing AND exclusive badge! It’ll only last through October 31st (11:59pm CST); what are you waiting for? Go search!

Frighteningly Great Plans
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