New partnerships, updates, and more!

Update Log

Realtime Messaging - Messages now update without having to refresh the page! This allows for a more detailed user experience

Inbox Update - Inbox now shows the latest message you've sent to a user and received from a user rather than all of the messages you've sent to a user and received from a user.

Navigation Bar Update - Navigation bar now shows how many unread messages, unresolved trades, and friend requests you have!

Project Alytro Code System - You can now redeem your Project Alytro link codes to receive a portion of the currency you had on Project Alytro.

Ninja Royale Discontinued - As we prepare for our Hangout Space, we have decided to discontinue any future updates for Ninja Royale. We know you all REALLY enjoyed the game and we are sad to see it go but we have something greater coming in the near future.

Account Creation Date Fix - An issue with accounts displaying the incorrect creation time on Profiles has been fixed.

Privacy Settings - Privacy settings (everything except for the "Friends of Friends" option) now works correctly.

We have had to push a few things on our roadmap back due to real life time constraints. Our notification system is almost completed and should be releasing within the next few days.

New Partnership

As you may have just recently found out, Ruby Realms will be absorbing and working with Project Alytro. This is a great honor, and we look forward to doing great things. Be sure to say hello to all our new team members.

For those of you who had accounts on Project Alytro, you will be able to receive part of the currency you had obtained on Project Alytro. To do this simply login to your Project Alytro account and copy the Link Code at the top of your profile page. You can either redeem this code when creating a new account on Ruby Realms or you can redeem the code on an existing account by visiting this link.

Future Plans

With a bigger team, our plans and ambitions have grown. Expect A LOT more updates coming on both our site and our game studio.   Recently we’ve been working a lot with our character is terms of rigging and smoothing it out. This is helping us prepare for the amazing Hangout Space coming at the end of November! After working on our character we plan on working on more items and a future crate that we may announce soon!

Something all of our users will like is a new paycheck system. When this system is implemented, users will be able to get their “paycheck” everyday they login. This will be in addition to their Lucky Spin reward. We will also be adding a clicker game as a third reward system.  Keep up with our social media and our roadmap for all information Ruby Realms!

New partnerships, updates, and more!
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