User of The Week 12/9/18

This week, we will be launching the first of many “User of the Week” blogs. In order to achieve user of the week, you must be active and nominated by a member of staff who will then vote on all the nominees. Furthermore, to aid your chances, you should be kind, helpful and friendly to new users and the wider community.
With that said, let me announce the first, of many, User of the Week:


Wonder came second on the EXP board due to his activity and gained himself 50 crates for his efforts. Alongside being active on the forums, which is where he can often be found, he is also super friendly, kind and helpful. He is truly a model user that many look up to.

Want to be user of the week? Participate actively throughout the community in a helpful and meaningful manner.

Written in part by Zeus

User of The Week 12/9/18
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