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New Exciting Things!

Hello everyone! We hope you’re having an awesome week and are enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas Gift extravaganza! Without a further ado, let’s get right into this week's blog post.

New Avatar

You heard right! We plan to update our current avatar. With the change of the avatar it will be easier for users to make clothing. Over the past few months, we have received a lot of feedback from the users on our current avatar model. We listened to all of you and with the feedback gathered we decided to how to change it. We can not show anything regarding the new avatar, but when we start to polish it. You can surely expect a lot of teasers.

Current Giveaways

If you guys have not noticed lately, we have been doing a lot of giveaways. We recently gave away stuff like a Month of Builder Membership, a Red Top Hat, a Green Glowing Eyes and a Halloween Top Hat! We are usually actively doing giveaways on Discord and Twitter. If you wish to enter these giveaways (and who knows, you might win!) You can join our discord here https://discord.gg/nNHzycn and follow our twitter here. https://twitter.com/rubyrealms remember to tell your friends at Ruby Realms about the giveaways so they can try to win too!


No seriously, thank you. We recently added memberships and so many people have bought them! Thank you for supporting Ruby Realms, we appreciate it. Also thank you for the amazing community. Without all of you this would be nothing but a dream for all of the people here that work for Ruby Realms. Thank you for making this a reality for us!

New Crate

Finally, this was probably the main reason why you clicked this blog post and we don’t blame you because we're just as excited to talk about it! In case you don't know, a new crate is on the horizon. The new crate will be called Winter Crate with a few winter themed items along with it! We love seeing the enthusiasm of the community for the new crate and getting feedback of the items and what you like and dislike about them. When we do eventually release the crate please give us feedback about it under the ‘Suggestions’ sub-forum. We will actively be reading some of the feedback there!

User of The Week

Last but surely not least, how can we not have our User of The Week? This week’s User of The Week goes to *drum roll please* God! God will be our user of the week because he was a Alpha tester who is still active to this day and loves to help users out! You can catch him on the forums helping users with any questions, actively interacting with people on the discord and getting many users into trading for Ruby Realms! Congratulations God, your User of The Week was well deserved!

That's all folks, thank you for reading this weeks blog post! See you next week!

New Exciting Things!
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