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Live Stream, Contest, And So Much More!

Hello everyone! I hope you're having an amazing day and an amazing New Years. I'm very excited to be discussing this blog post to all of you, and i hope you will feel the same while reading.

Developer Panel on Twitch

We plan to be very transparent with our community. So with that we plan a live stream where you can ask questions, participate on giveaways, get exclusive new detailed information and so much more! All you have to do is participate in the chat, watch the stream and you follow the instructions to participate in the giveaways and you'll be all set! I look forward to seeing some great questions by the community and seeing some users (who could be you) winning some great prizes. The live stream will take place this Saturday at January 12th at 6 PM CST time. Stay active on the Ruby Realms discord for more information! And remember to bring your best questions!

New And Improved Groups!

One of the most requested features that we received was to improve things such as groups. Some great features you can expect for this awesome upcoming update is things like ranks, change the group image, description and last but not least activity feeds. But don't worry! Once clothing and games are added, you'll be able to put them on your group so other realmers can see what you have created! We hope you all enjoy this update that is coming to you soon and we will love to see your feedback on what should be improved after the update is released.

User of The Week

What's a blog post without a user of the week? I took long and hard to choose this user of the week, there are so many great people that came to my head while i was thinking of who to choose. But this user of the week definitely has to go to... Sean! Sean has been doing great things such as suggesting great items that we have in fact taken that suggestion and made it into a reality. He is an all around nice user and is someone who you can always find being active and friendly with everyone he is communicating with. Make sure to go on his wall and congratulate him on his winning for user of the week here https://rubyrealms.com/user/Sean/ If you did not win, don't worry! Just stay positive and help out users and be active and you can and might be our next user of the week, who knows!

Upcoming Competition

In the upcoming days we would like to see some more creativity from our users, we will be doing a competition where you can win sweet awesome prizes! You can do things such as sketches, a drawing, or a 3D model of an item. The item must be appropriate and must be made by you. the prizes are as listed. 1st place - 500 rubies, 2nd place - 250 rubies 1500 Gold and 3rd place - 100 rubies 1000 Gold. All winners regardless of placing will also receive a winner badge on their profile! We plan to start this competition this Friday, January 11th 2019 and will end on January 17th at 11:59 PM CST. Send all images along with your username on the site to the email [email protected] We hope to see some great creations made by some of you quite talented users out there! Good luck to everyone that participates!

Game Night!

To wrap up this blog post, I'd like to include that we are having a game night! Come have fun with Mark, Rob and I. We will be also giving away stuff such as crates to users just for tuning in! This Game Night will be taking place at 7 PM CST this Saturday, the 12th. We'll be playing Paper.io. We hope to see many familiar faces within the community to part take a fun experience with other users and may even make some new friends. See you all this Saturday!

Live Stream, Contest, And So Much More!
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