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Hello everyone! We have recently concluded our recent competition. The goal of the competition was to create an item using either 3D modeling or sketches. With that being said, let us get right into the winners!

1st place - MrSandman winning 500 rubies!

2nd place - Conner winning 250 rubies and 1500 gold!

3rd place - Vextro winning 100 rubies and 1000 gold!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for sharing some of these great items! Keep an eye out on the shop and you may see these become actual items! The team is very impressed by the work we have seen created from these winners, and if you did not win don't worry! There will be more chances to win giveaways and contests in the near future.

New Avatar Leaks!

If you are not following us on Twitter (which you totally should do here), we leaked one of our upcoming avatars to the public! We are very proud of how much our avatars have evolved and we hope you like it as much as we do. Watch the video of the leak on the avatar here.

User of The Week

Our user of the week for this week has to be MrSandman. He has been a huge help in the community and made not one, but TWO items for the item creation contest. He is someone that you should definitely look for if you ever need help on the discord or forums. Congratulations MrSandman on not only coming first place in the contest, but also being an honorable User of The Week.

That's all folks!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know it was a bit short, but soon we will have a much better blog post to push out to you guys on new information such as a new crate, a new giveaway, and more rewards! Thank you for reading and have an awesome week!

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