Discord Updates

Hey there! This month has been filled with updates, and that's not going to stop anytime soon! We are proud to announce our new Discord server update. This update will allow us to keep track of everyone and it will also provide more structure to our server. This update includes many new things such as a Spanish chatroom and special roles for our users with memberships.

Linking your Account

This new update will require that everyone links their account with our Discord server. This allows for our Administration team to keep track of who everyone is. To link your account to our server, simply follow these simple steps below:

  1. Verify your account on the Ruby Realms website.
  2. Join our Discord server here if you have not done so already.
  3. Navigate to your account settings page and copy your Discord verification code.

2. Navigate to the #verify-code channel and type the command ruby.verify YOUR CODE HERE. Note: Replace "YOUR CODE HERE" with your actual verification code.

3. Everything should now be set up! Your nickname in the server will be set to your Username on Ruby Realms. If you have membership you will also receive special roles for those memberships. If you need help with anything else, simply type ruby.help in any channel and you will receive a message from our bot listing all of our commands!

We would like to give a special thanks to Rogue for providing our newest Discord update! We hope you enjoy this update as much as we do. If you have any questions or need any assistance feel free to message an Administrator or another community member. Stay tuned because we will have more updates coming this month!

Discord Updates
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