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Many of you may not know this, but Ruby Realms came into existence just like any other idea. Mark and Rob were hanging out one day wondering what their next project would be and they began brainstorming. Little by little they pieced together the ideas and foundations for what Ruby Realms would grow to become. That day was June 1st 2018 and in the beginning it had no name. Needless to say, they began to weave this vision into a reality and learning all the skills needed to create it. Today, Ruby Realms is a growing and thriving community of a lot of great people. As we continue to grow and do more awesome things we want to thank everyone for the support we've been given. Now on to the blog post content!


We have an official date for the release of the game client, which we all have been waiting for! The game client is set to release April 1st 2019 but there may be opportunity for Beta Testers so keep an eye out for any applications. As for the progress of the game we have the character up. Multiple servers are also up and running! Let's not forget to mention that in-game chatting and character resetting are things that are done too! We will be having a lot of fun with the new game client while we test it and tease it to the public.

News on the Character

We have the new animations! If you missed out on a teaser of the jumping animation you can see it on our Twitter. We now have all of the animations that we plan on releasing in the earliest version of the game client. With the new character and animations done we can go ahead and move forward with the updated rendering and T-SHIRTS & PANTS. We know that ALL of our users are excited about this new way to customize your character. Expect to see some more teasers on that and look forward to not being forced to be in a T pose indefinitely.

Site Performance

We know that a lot of our users have experienced super slow loading speeds and for us this is a big problem. We recently changed our server setup as well as optimized certain parts of the site. We will continue to run more optimizations for the remainder of this month. In the near future we are planning to open up servers OUTSIDE of the US to increase the loading speed abroad. With all that being said, we just want to give an extra thanks for the users who stick around even though the site may not load that quickly.

Dev Panel

Everyone, and we mean, EVERYONE, enjoyed our last Dev Panel where we just explained everything we were working on and answered any questions you guys had. We are planning to have another one of these February 23rd at 5pm CST. So make sure that you have all of your questions ready and also join in because we have some surprises that won't know about UNLESS you watch the Dev Panel. See you there!

User of the Week Funeral

Recently a lot of users have been upset that there is not a "UoTW" each week (that's just short for User of the Week). We would like to apologize for any confusions about the frequency of the User of the Week being chosen. To clear that up we will be changing the User of the Week award to User of the Month AND we will have a User of the Month every month. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion with the community. So let us announce the....FIRST....USER....OF THE....MONTH!

Captain is the User of the Month! He's seems to always be active on the forums. In addition to that he greets new players and tries to lend a helping hand when needed. He has a big presence in the Ruby Realms community and is always helpful, kind and reliable. Thanks Captain for being a great user!

Here's a story
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