7 Days of Giveaways is Here

Hey there, Realmers! The 7 days of giveaways are finally here! We teased at this event multiple times and even mentioned it in our recent Dev Panel Stream. For 7 days starting today (Sunday, March 3) we will be hosting multiple giveaways. This is going to be a blast so invite your friends (there's prizes for that too)! Here's what you can expect. At the very bottom, there is a description of the Refer-A-Friend competition.

Day 1

We're revamping our YouTube channel and are adding some more tutorials. The best part about that is that you can win some free rubies just by liking, commenting your username and subscribing! The video that is part of this giveaway will be announced. We will also make a random announcement sometime today and ALL users who have logged within 10 minutes of the announcement will get 10 free rubies! We will have the random announcements everyday for the next 7 days and they will be larger in the end.

Day 2

As if the first day of first rubies wasn't enough we will be giving all of our users who have verified their account on Discord 20 rubies! If you need help verifying your account please reach out to a member of the staff team! That's not all because we will have another random announcement at a random time for a prize of 10 rubies.

Day 3

We decided to take it easy this day so we don't over do it with you guys. We will still be giving away 10 rubies for the random announcement this day so no worries. You will also have the ability to purchase membership to enter the giveaway the day after.

Day 4

For our users who support us in a super special way, we will be doing a special giveaway. All users with membership will be entered to win 2000 rubies. Not only that but you will have better odds the better your membership is. If you are Prime Mover you are entered 3 times. If you are Visionary then you are entered 2 times. Lastly, if you are builder then you are entered 1 time. For those of you who can't get membership, don't worry. We will be increasing our random announcement giveaway to 20 rubies!

Day 5

It's been a while since we've done some good ol' Twitter giveaways so we're bringing them back into style. On the 5th day we will be rewarding the winners of our Retweet, Comment, and Follow Giveaway. The instructions will be better defined. Are you wondering what the prize is? It's going to be an amazing 1000 rubies prize and Ruby Crates to the runner ups. Also be sure to be super active on the site because we'll have another random announcement for a prize of 30 rubies.

Day 6

As you already know we will be having our Refer-A-Friend competition. The top 10 Ruby Realms Influencers will receive 500 rubies, 10 Ruby Crates, AND a badge! Another big part of this day is going to be our random announcement for a prize of 30 rubies so be sure to be super ACTIVE!

Day 7

All of you really enjoyed our last ARG so we will be having another one hosted by pingo and this prize will be 1000 rubies! We aren't going to give out ANY hints yet but it's going to be a lot of fun! To celebrate the ending of our giveaway week we will be giving 50 rubies away with the random announcement. That's enough to buy a Ruby Crate!

Refer-A-Friend Competition

This is a feature that a lot of users have been wanting. It's completed but we thought why not make it a little competitive? Over the 7 days of the event, you will have the opportunity to recommend as many accounts to Ruby Realms as you can. If you had a friend that recommended you before and you want to give them credit, no worries. You can update it under your account settings. Another great part of all of this, is that if they purchase rubies you will get 5% of the purchase. Not to mention if they get a membership you will get 100 rubies. If you guys really like it we may keep it after this competition but only time will tell!

7 Days of Giveaways is Here
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