Important News...

Hello Realmers! As many of you may know, our game client is expected to release today, April 1, 2019. We have some very important news regarding the status of our game client and this blog post will outline that news for you.

The News

We are very upset to bring this news to you all, but after a long discussion, our staff team has decided to push the game client release date back to April 1, 2020. This new release date reflects our current development speed of the client. We will continue to share screenshots and updates regarding our client, but we do not believe that it is ready for release.

The Real News

The statement above was an obvious joke, our game client is actually now available to play as you are reading this blog post! To download the game client, simply click on the circled button displayed on the picture below.

Your antivirus may try and block the installation, simply add an exception to your antivirus if you wish to play. Once you have installed the client, simply go to a game and click on "Enter Realm" to begin playing!

There is currently not much to do on the client as of now, but we will continue to actively develop our client and fix any apparent bugs. Things such as hat loading, equipping accessories, and a better settings menu are in the works! The goal is to eventually have our client stable and bug-free by the time our Workshop is ready for release. In the meantime, feel free to enter the game client at any time and socialize with other users, and most importantly, April fools!

Important News...
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