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Dev Blog #1

Hey guys! Mark and I finally got around to making our own blog post accounts on here. With that being said, I've got some great news for you guys! We're going to start having Dev Blogs AND Dev Panels once a week. Summer is right around the corner and the entire team will have a lot more time to work on the site everyday. Expect a lot of cool things in the next few months as we dedicate more time to developing Ruby Realms into an insanely huge community.

What's coming soon!

As you probably know if you're ever on the site, game development and web development are in full throttle. I'll first start with what we're planning for the site and then what's coming for the game. The site has been improving little by little and we expect to continue that by releasing the clothing system within the next week. We're still working through some things but a working version should be done. That's not all though, we've also been working on a more efficient job postings AND application process for those of you who are always wondering what is available.

For those of you who have been feeling really naked without your hats, no worries. We will be adding the scripts for loading all of the character items into the game AND setting up the workshop. Expect a LOT of screenshots of that as we get the ball rolling.

That's all that's really promised in the near future (a week), but no worries because these blogs are coming out every week so I didn't want talk about too much.

What we've worked on this week!

Same as before I'm going to go through all of the web updates and then talk about what Mark worked on for the game. It took a bit of thinking and rejecting multiple designs but I finally decided to have a new page for ALL types of creations. After the update releases, groups, games, and clothing will all have a singular place to go to create them. I also wanted to make a it easy to see what you've created as well as create very specific items. Other than that I've been working on small bugs. I just realized today that the leader board isn't working like I wanted it to insert face palm here but luckily should be an easy fix.

With the game stuff it's a new area that Mark and I are still getting used to developing in. As of right now we've only been able to work on bugs and try to improve what we have.

We'll be teasing what the updates look like on social media throughout the week so no worries. Also this is our first Dev Blog so if you read to the end, be sure to give feedback on what else you guys would want to see out of these.



I am one of the co-founders of Ruby Realms! When I'm not making Ruby Realms a better place, I'm playing games and meeting new people. Feel free to say hi if you ever catch me in any games!

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Dev Blog #1
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