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Dev Blog #2

Hey everyone, welcome to the second installment of our weekly Dev Blogs. I hope you all enjoyed the blog post made by Rob last week, but now it's my time to take the spotlight! We have some REALLY EXCITING news regarding our Easter Egg Hunt as well as some other updates we plan on releasing. With that being said, let's not waste any time!

Easter Egg Hunt

As many of you may know, we are having an Easter Egg Hunt this year. Our asset modelers have been working very hard to get all of our eggs made by the time our Easter Egg Hunt begins. Here's a teaser for another one of our eggs:

Now for the big news! Many of you have been wondering whether or not our Easter Egg Hunt would be in-game or on our website. We are extremely glad to announce that our Egg Hunt will be in-game. We are currently working on an extensive map to hide all of the eggs. We'll release more information about our Egg Hunt closer to the release date.

Recent Updates

Rob has been working very hard on getting clothing released. So far he has completed the clothing uploading system as well as the clothing approval system. All that's left is to actually render the clothing and create an Edit page for the owner of a clothing item. Clothing is planned to be released with our new Easter Egg Hunt. We've also fixed some vulnerabilities and some bugs which have been causing our website to slow down.

For the game client, we have been working on some more bug fixes such as clipping words in our chat box. We have also been working with a new game developer to get content out at a faster rate. The big thing that we have been working on regarding the client is setting up our Easter Egg Hunt event. We plan to tease images and/or videos of these updates on social media throughout the week. One last thing that we've been working on are new and improved animations. Here's a little teaser for our new running animation:

Upcoming Updates

As you may have just read earlier, our Easter Egg Hunt is coming soon and it's gonna be a big event! For our website, we plan on having clothing released by the time the egg hunt begins. We will also be doing some long overdue cosmetic updates to some of our pages such as the 404 error page.

With our game client, we are going to be working on Hat Loading as well as some updates to our settings menu. We also plan on working with our new developer to add a health bar and a few more things.

I hope you all enjoyed this week's installment of our Dev Blog. This will continue every week so until next time, get ready and fasten your seat belts, because we have big updates in store!

Dev Blog #2
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