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Dev Blog #3

Welcome to this week’s Dev Blog! If you’re new to Ruby Realms, these are basically where Mark and I tell you guys everything we’re working on and what is planned. I’ve had so many finals it’s not even funny and Mark isn’t excluded from that either. None the less we’re trying to push out as many updates as we can! As always, thanks for the support.

What’s coming soon

Sadly, the clothing update isn’t quite ready yet for you guys but here you can see a butchered tease I made earlier this week. It’s coming along slowly but it’s going to be worth the wait! Another thing we have planned for this next week is the Mini Crates. These will be exciting for all our users who can’t buy rubies but want to be a part of the item economy. Hopefully we can have one out when the Radioactive Crate goes off sale.

For the game, we’re probably going to be working on bugs throughout the week and making the Egg Hunt smoother until it ends. Keep an eye out because we’ve noticed that you guys really liked the different obstacle courses, so we’ll probably add some more of those after the Easter Egg Hunt.

What we’ve worked on this week!

Unless you were under a rock, you know that the Easter Egg Hunt was one of our main focuses this week. It was a hassle to bring it all together, but we were able to get it out. Also, if you’re having a hard time with the obstacle course, it’ll be out for a week! As for the site, I’ve only been working on the shirts and trying to improve small parts, so the site is more efficient.

This Dev Blog is a little short because Mark and I are a little busy with classes, but they’ll be getting longer!



I am one of the co-founders of Ruby Realms! When I'm not making Ruby Realms a better place, I'm playing games and meeting new people. Feel free to say hi if you ever catch me in any games!

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Dev Blog #3
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