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Dev Blog #4

Welcome to another installment of our Weekly Dev Blogs! This week, we have a lot of information regarding the future of Ruby Realms' Development. Rob and I have been talking for weeks about what we plan for Ruby Realms' future, and we are finally ready to share it with you guys. First I'll start by talking about what's coming up in the near future and what we have planned for the extended future.


As you guys may know by now, Rob has been working very hard to get Shirts and Pants released. We currently have the uploading, staff approval, and rendering done for Shirts and Pants. Rob is still working on getting the edit page, store page, and group shirts and pants features done. We'll continue posting screenshots to our social media platforms while Rob is working on these features. We also will be releasing our first Mini-Crate soon. This mini-crate will be sold for Gold and will consist of 3 items! If you haven't seen the teasers yet, here's a few pictures:

Recent Updates

There have not been many recent updates for the website besides a few bug fixes and security implementations. As far as the game goes, we recently released our Egg Hunt last week, and it seems that most of you are enjoying it. Our staff team worked really hard to make our first ever Egg Hunt possible in-game and we are very pleased with the outcome. The Egg Hunt will close by either the end of Sunday, April 28 or the beginning of Monday, April 29 so make sure you have collected all of the eggs by then!

The Big News

Now it's time for the big news. We recently revealed our plans for the future on our Dev Panel stream yesterday, and I promised to explain it in more detail on this Dev Blog. Rob and I have decided that after Shirts, Pants, and the Mini-Crate release, we will be ceasing any near future updates for the website in preparation for a complete re-write of our website and game client. We believe that we owe it to our community to provide a more stable website and a stable game client with a working workshop. This does not mean that we will completely ignore our website while we are doing the re-write, but we believe that it'd be better to spend time getting the re-write completed instead of continuing to work on our current unstable website. Here's a few of the things that you can expect with this re-write:


  • Faster load speeds
  • Improved page designs
  • Automatically recurring payments
  • Improved security
  • Less incomplete pages
  • Corporate website (will include job listings)


  • More stable game client
  • A workshop released with game client
  • More stable launcher
  • Launcher for Mac and Windows (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Improved networking system

Some of the things listed above are only a small fraction of what we plan on doing with this re-write. With this update we also plan on going with a new game engine. Unity has worked great for our first client implementation but we do not believe that it'd be suitable for us in the long-run. Instead of Rob working on the website and me working on the game client, we will both tackle these issues together. This will allow for us to develop these new platforms efficiently.

The new website will most likely be released before the new game client. We will post screenshots of the new website and game client as we are working on them, and we may even have Alpha and Beta testing sessions for both the new website and game client. I know that this was a long Dev Blog compared to the others, but we had plenty of news to share with you guys this week. Thanks for reading and we'll see you all again next week!

Dev Blog #4
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