November 26, 2019

A little update

A little update on our website's progress and our plans for the near future.

A little update

Hello Realmers, I know it's been a while but we did not forget about you guys. This blog post will explain our current progress on the new website and what our future plans are. I'd like to first start off by apologizing for the lack of recent updates. Both Rob and I have been very busy with our personal lives, but nonetheless we have both found time to continue working on Ruby Realms.

What's been completed so far

So far Rob and I have completed the basic structure for our website. We have a completed Login and Sign Up system, an Account Dashboard, different Themes, a Forum system with more features than our previous Forum system, and we've almost completed our Account Settings system. Currently the most obvious update is the blog you're reading this post on. We've also spent a great amount of time working on speeding our website up, and it has paid off. Not only is our new platform MUCH faster, it is also capable of handling more users. I know it may seem like it's taken a long time to complete these, but we are working to make sure every page and feature we make is stylish and efficient. We are also aiming to boost our User Experience by a substantial amount.

What's our next steps

We've been doing a lot of talking behind the scenes and we believe that releasing an Alpha version of our website with a fraction of the features that the final version of our website will have. This will allow us to work on perfecting the features we already have before we release more features. The Alpha release of our website will of course be public and free for everyone to use. We are however doing a complete reset of our website data, with only a few things such as usernames and join dates being kept. This was not an easy decision to make, but due to the fact that we have a completely new economy model (which will be explained later), we decided that this was the best path forward. Our public Alpha will open on January 1, 2020 with the features that we've already completed along with the ones listed below:

* An advanced Reporting and Moderation System
* A revamped, lightning-fast Character Editing System
* An advanced Notification System
* A Leaderboard to reward our most active users
* An updated economy system, which will be Free-and-Fair
* An updated Discord server with a more efficient Verification Bot

Our new Economy Model

Although we touted our website as being a free-to-play website, it truly wasn't. With a bit of money, anyone could pay their way to the top of our economy without putting any time or effort into our website. We are still working out the details of our new economy, and it won't be "free-to-play", but instead it'll be a free-and-fair economy. No matter how much money a user spends on our platform, it will not give them any currency advantages over a user who has put no money into our platform. Rubies and Gold will have a completely different purpose compared to our previous website. We hope to be able to test this new economy model a bit further with the release of our Alpha website.

Our plans after Alpha

The Alpha release of our website is only the first step to achieving our goals. Immediately after the Alpha release of our website we're going to begin working on our game studio, with plans to have an Alpha release within the following months. After the Alpha release of both our game studio and website, we will continue to harvest the feedback given by our community while we work on progressing towards our Beta website and game studio release. We'd like to thank everyone for supporting our platform this far despite our platform ironically being down. We will continue to work hard to make sure this platform is something that everyone can enjoy no matter what age, or how wealthy they are.