August 12, 2019

A New Beginning

Here is something we really need to tell our users.

We've all heard that the end is simply a new beginning. Please read below for more information on what we're planning with our platform. Thank you for your time.

What’s been happening recently?

Recently you may have noticed that the site has been on maintenance and sadly we do not plan to take it off any time soon. This was not due to a DDoS attack, but we did have some technical difficulties after that attack. Those issues have been resolved but Mark and Rob have decided that this is a great opportunity to do things right. Our website (at least the current one) has been slow since the very beginning and it also has been hard to use when foruming and doing countless other features. Regardless of this, we’ve had several users who have stuck around with us through thick and thin and we want to say thank you. Just to clarify, we ARE NOT permanently shutting down, but we will be taking time to create a better platform and do some business stuff behind the scenes.

When will the site be up?

We expect to finish working on the site sometime within the next 3 months and we won’t be releasing the new site until we have a game with at least some better graphics and necessary functionalities. So, 4 months is probably a safe bet, but Mark and I have been looking into ways to fast track this project for both ourselves and the community. When we come back expect a grand opening of sorts and we are actively seeking people to help us with the secret planning for all our events to come.

What is the beta testing and who can apply?

We will start a beta testing for the new site in 3-4 weeks to give some of our users a taste of what the site will be like. You’ll get all kinds of benefits from helping us out IN ADDITION to getting to see the site before everyone else. If there are any YouTubers out there as well, feel free to message Mark and I to be a part of this Beta Testing.

Special Thanks

Mark and I began working on June 7th, 2018 and since then we have learned a lot. There have been countless memories made on our platform, and hundreds of new friends made. Every step of the way we work to building a new platform and this is just a bump in the road. Feel free to reach out but Mark and I have been planning how to say this for a while. Thank you and keep checking in to what amazing things we’ve created!

You can check out our current progress as well as planned updates on our new downtime page here.