April 20, 2020

Badge Competition!

We're having a badge competition! Good luck!

Badge Competition!

Welcome fellow Realmers! Today we will be beginning a new competition open to all of our users on Ruby Realms. This will be a Badge Designing Competition, here are the details.

How will it work?

Great question! Users will be creating their own badge in Photoshop or any other software they prefer and submit it to the upload page. Each user will then have one vote, Where they can choose their favorite badge to win!

When can I submit my badge for the competition?

You can start submitting your badge immediately, and the deadline will be on the May 1st 2020.

What will the winning submission get?

The winner will get the 'The Community Sage Badge', which is given to users who find bugs, make new suggestions and be an overall positive member in the community.

In addition to that, the will also get $20 credit added to their account to use on any memberships or buyable features coming in the next update!

Is it okay to vote for my submission?

Yes, of course, as long as you don't cheat and make alternate accounts to vote for your submission or any other means of cheating. If you are caught to be cheating you will be disqualified and potentially banned.

We hope everyone takes part, and most importantly good luck to all our designers! Be sure to thank the following users and staff for making this event possible and we're looking forward to doing more things in the near future!

Users: Internet
Staff: Andre, Sterncross, Maxwell, Pingo