January 6, 2020

Retrieving your old Username (& more!)

Old usernames are finally able to be redeemed, and many more updates are available!

Hey there! As you all may have noticed, we opened our Alpha to the public but made a big mistake. No one is able to retrieve their old username from our past website. We have fixed this issue however and this blog post will walk you through the process of obtaining your old username. There are also plenty of other updates that we'd like to share!

Obtaining your old Username

The first step to obtaining your old username is to go to the login page. The link is https://rubyrealms.com/login

Click the "here" button to be redirected to the username retrieval page.

On the login page you will notice a text that says "Already have an account from our old website? Click here to redeem it!" Click on the "here" button to redirect you to the username retrieval page. You can also visit this link here: https://rubyrealms.com/account/redeem

Enter your old username and password.

You should see the page above after visiting the link. Enter your old username and password and click on the "Check" button to see if your account is redeemable. Make sure you enter the correct account information, otherwise you will receive an error. After entering the correct information, the text fields should turn green and the "Next" button should be enabled. From there you can sign up like you normally would and your account should be redeemed!


  • You can only redeem your old username once.
  • You can only keep your most recent username used on the account.
  • Read this blog carefully before contacting staff regarding any issues.
  • Only small information such as your username and join date are saved.

Other Updates

  • You can now verify your email address, which in turn allows you to post on the forums.
  • An advanced reporting system (and ban system) are now in place. If you see anyone breaking the Terms of Service, don't hesitate to report them.
  • Changing body color doesn't change everyone's body color anymore.
  • View count now works for forum threads.
  • Basic filter is now in effect, super offensive words are banned and the filter will be adjusted in future updates.
  • Notifications work for replies to bookmarked forum threads and forum threads owned by user.

Thank you all for being patient and sticking with us thus far. We plan on having regular weekly updates and will make regular announcements regarding the progress of our platform. If there are any bugs or you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to share them with us.