July 18, 2020

Shops, Memberships, and More!

Shops, Memberships, and More!

Hey Realmers, it's that time of the year again! We have finally pushed out an update, and a big one at that. Firstly, the entire team here at Ruby Realms would like to apologize for the delay in this update but we've tried our best to make sure it's the best it can be for you all! This blog post will outline the BIG and the SMALL that we've done for this update and what we have planned for our next update!


Thanks for your patience with us getting our Economy to a stable point. We are glad to announce that we have finally finished the initial release of our shop. Here's some of the big updates we've done with the shop recently!

  • Initial Shop release.
  • Shop Banner.
  • Purchasing items from the store.
  • Unique items with stock numbers.
  • Timed items which go offsale or become unique after time has ended.
  • Buying & selling Unique items.
  • Leasing unique items for one week at a time.
  • 3D Viewer for items.

Upgrades & New Reward Opportunities

  • Leaderboards with Rewards
    • All Time Leaderboard for XP & Networth
    • Monthly Leaderboard for XP gain & Networth gain with Ruby Reward
  • Achievements with Rewards
    • 6 Categories of Badges
    • Account Balance & XP Rewards
  • Memberships & Boosts
    • Memberships with various perks.
    • Temporary Boosts with various perks.
  • Account Credits

Useful Updates

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Accepting Friends Requests from a user's profile.
    • Friend requests can be accepted from a user's profile rather than going to the Friend Requests page.
  • Updated Navigation Bar
    • Updated Design
    • Quick Link to Messages, Friends, and Friend Requests
  • Favorites Quickbar
    • Quick Links to your Favorite Friends and Forum Topics now appear on the navigation bar. To enable this, go to Account Settings > General > Favorites and make sure the Quickbar option is enabled.

Small Updates

  • Updated Character
    • Our Character design has been updated.
  • Advertisements
    • Advertisements help keep our site running, these can be disabled when you purchase a membership.

We are still working out some issues with our character rendering system and for the meantime it has been disabled. We will notify all users when it is back up. All users who were on the old Ruby Realms and have claimed their account will receive account credit now. All users were refunded 100% of their purchase amount. You can now only stack a maximum of 4 rolls, any rolls more than that have been removed from our system. This is to prevent unfair advantages by saving rolls then buying memberships and boosts.

Upcoming Updates

We have decided that for the future we will have smaller updates that are released in quicker time frames rather than large updates which take longer to release.

  • Crates
  • User Created Clothing
  • Trading
  • Accessories
  • Customer Support/FAQ page

Thanks for your support and we are working harder than ever to get more updates out within a reasonable amount of time. If you notice and bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to contact a Team Member or make a post on the respective sub-forums.