April 19, 2020

Updating the Economy

Our newest Economy update is here, and it comes with the ability to get Rubies!

Updating the Economy

Hey Realmers, thanks for your continued support and patience throughout the development phase of our website. We have a small economy update out today for you guys and we hope that you like it. This blog post will outline what we've done for this update and what we have planned for our next update!

New Economy Features

With this update comes the ability to get Rubies! To get rubies, simply go to the Market page and trade your Gold for Rubies at the bank. The conversion rate changes throughout the day, so make sure you're looking out for better rates before converting. The bank also only has a limited amount of Rubies, which is why we've given users the ability to list their own Rubies for Gold on the market.

On the Exchanges page, you are able to see a history of all your past currency exchanges such as your Rewards, Bank conversions, and Community conversions. Finally, on the Earnings page you can see your earnings stats within a certain time frame. We will be coming out with a more detailed tutorial explaining how the economy works and how you can make money in the near future!

Other Updates/Bug Fixes

We've also done plenty of updates and small bug fixes within this update, here's a list of what we've done:

* Site banner so so site-wide announcements can be made.
* Threads which have been inactive for more than 2 weeks are automatically
  locked to reduce spam.
* Discord server notifications when there is a new post on the forums.
* Gold Rewards now give 15 Gold when you reach the end.
* Small typo fixes on the Gold Rewards.
* Users can have a maximum of 1,000 friends.
* Small theme fixes.
* The "Popular Threads" section on the forums have been edited to show more 
  accurate information.
* Accounts must be more than a day old to post on the forums.
* Small forum update to help mitigate spam.

Upcoming Updates

We only have a couple more big updates left before we change our website from Alpha status to Beta status. Our next update is planned for release around the end of April and the beginning of May. Here's a list of what you can expect to see in our next update:

* Quick access to favorite friends, forum topics, etc. for the navigation bar.
* Leaderboard with weekly rewards for the most active users on our website.
* Three-tier memberships with countless benefits.
* Comprehensive Shop system with crates and many other new features.
* The ability to view a user's achievements.
* Achievement system which grants achievements when a user has met a goal.

Thanks for your support and we are working harder than ever to get these updates out within a reasonable amount of time. If you notice and bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to contact a Team Member or make a post on the respective sub-forums.