January 4, 2020

Verifying Your Discord

This blog will detail everything you need to know in order to verify your Discord account!

Verifying Your Discord

Hi everyone! Recently we've been working on our new Discord server but now we have officially finished it up with the ability to join, leave, and join again without having to sit in the Ruby Realms Discord purgatory. Below I'll detail all of it with many pictures!


Hopefully you've joined by now but if you haven't, the first step is to join the Discord Server. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/Eh5JCnm

Click your character image in the top right for this drop down to appear.

Now you need to go to the site and navigate to your settings page through the character drop down (the same one you use for logging out but who ever logs out!? I sure don't).

After you've gotten to your account settings page be sure to scroll down to the Social Media Verification which should be right after the Themes (which if you haven't tried out YOU SHOULD before we make them membership only). In order to get a code for verifying your account, click the "Get Code" button.

Once clicked, the page will reload and the button will show your code. If you don't want to type up the entire code, that's fine, neither did we. In order to copy the code all you have to do is click the button.

In the Ruby Realms Discord, the Bots are separate from other users. Click on the Ruby Realms Verification Bot and go to send it a message. The paste the code AND only the code in a message to the bot.

Once you've sent the message to the bot, it will respond in 2 ways if there was an error. Which are listed below.

This error means that our verification systems are currently not working.
This means that you have no code, or you simply entered the code incorrectly.

If you've successfully verified your account the bot will respond with the following message:

Be sure to check out your new username, and also double check that you have the "Verified" Role. If for any reason your code expires before you can verify you can simply get another code by following these steps from the beginning.

UnLinking Your Account

Once you've connected your account you're all set! Sometimes though for many reasons, you might leave the server or want to connect a different account to your verified Discord. When this happens you will need to unlink your Discord account from the Username you connected it to. In order to get started make sure to go to the Account Settings where you originally received your code.

Notice now that the button says "Unlink". Once you've clicked this button your Discord account will be disassociated from that particular Ruby Realms account. This will need to be done if you ever leave and rejoin.


Please be sure to read through this document before reaching out to staff about issues with Discord because this might answer them all.

DO NOT share your Discord Verification code with anyone because this will allow them to impersonate you and could lead to issues or even bans on your account.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully this will explain everything related to verifying your Discord!